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Recap of SPEAC’s Achievements in 2023: Building Safer Consumer Environments

We are pleased to announce the successful completion of the first year of the second phase of the SPEAC project. We would like to express our appreciation to all our stakeholders and partners for their continuous support, as we fruitfully work together enhancing product safety and consumer protection. It has been a busy and productive […]

SPEAC Participates in International Certification Cooperation Development Conference in Suzhou

On November 23rd, SPEAC team took part in International Certification Cooperation Development Conference held in Suzhou. Organised by the China Quality Certification Center (CQC) and Amazon, the conference aimed to promote international cooperation in product safety and compliance. During the opening session, Gianluca Ghiara, the Team Leader of SPEAC, delivered a keynote speech, emphasising the […]

Webinar on EU Requirements on Chemical Compliance Successfully Held

On November 20th, SPEAC, in collaboration with China Association for Consumer Products Quality and Safety Promotion (CPQS), Amazon and REACH24H Consulting Group (REACH24H), organised a successful webinar on EU Requirements on Chemical Compliance. The event attracted over 600 online viewers and raised awareness among Chinese companies regarding chemical risks in their products and enhanced product […]

Webinar on EU Requirements on E-commerce and Product Safety Successfully Held

On November 15th, SPEAC, in collaboration with the Shenzhen Institute of Standards and Technology and Shenzhen E-Business Better Service, organised a successful webinar on EU Requirements on E-commerce and Product Safety, attracting over 800 viewers online. The webinar aimed to equip Chinese companies engaged in cross-border e-commerce with the latest information on the EU’s requirements […]

SPEAC Experts Introduce EU’s Lighting Chains Safety Rules in Taizhou Training

On November 9th, SPEAC, in partnership with the Zhejiang Institute of Standardisation and the Taizhou Institute of Standardisation, organized a successful training session in Taizhou. The training focused on the EU General Product Safety Law and Lighting Chains Safety. Additionally, the training was live-streamed through the Xinhua network, attracting over 180,000 viewers in the afternoon. […]

SPEAC’s Recent Webinar Enhances Chinese Companies’ Understanding of EU Electronic Product Regulations

On November 2nd, SPEAC and EMTEK collaborated to host a highly successful webinar focused on Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Batteries’ Safety. The event garnered a viewership of nearly 1,200 participants. The webinar primarily targeted manufacturers, exporters, and e-commerce operators in southern China involved in the production of electronics, household appliances, and batteries. It aimed […]

SPEAC Explores Collaborative Opportunities in Shanghai

Between 19th to 21st of September, the SPEAC team embarked on a mission to Shanghai, engaging with key stakeholders in the region. The purpose of these meetings was to strengthen partnerships and initiate discussions on organising collaborative training activities for the upcoming year. The stakeholders visited by the SPEAC team, in chronological order, included Amazon […]

SPEAC Strengthens Partnership and Explores Collaborative Opportunities in Chengdu and Chongqing

Between 15th to 17th of August, the SPEAC team conducted a mission to Chengdu, Sichuan Province, and Chongqing. During the visit, the team engaged with key stakeholders in the region to foster closer relationships and explore potential collaborations. The stakeholders whom SPEAC visited included Chengdu Institute of Standardization (CDIS), Chongqing Association of Enterprises with Foreign […]

SPEAC Participates in 2023 China (Ningbo) International Household Appliances Expo

From 28th to 31st July 2023, the SPEAC team participated in 2023 China (Ningbo) International Household Appliances Expo. The expo witnessed an impressive turnout, with nearly 400 home appliance enterprises showcasing their latest products as exhibitors. The spotlight was on small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) exporting their products towards the EU and USA. During the […]