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SPEAC Participates in International Certification Cooperation Development Conference in Suzhou

On November 23rd, SPEAC team took part in International Certification Cooperation Development Conference held in Suzhou. Organised by the China Quality Certification Center (CQC) and Amazon, the conference aimed to promote international cooperation in product safety and compliance.

During the opening session, Gianluca Ghiara, the Team Leader of SPEAC, delivered a keynote speech, emphasising the significance of raising awareness of EU regulations among Chinese manufacturers.

During the conference, E-commerce platforms, testing service providers, and traditional manufacturers shared insights on ensuring better compliance. Mr. Ghiara emphasised the collective responsibility of all stakeholders along the supply chain to ensure the provision of safe products and protection of consumers. He highlighted the importance for Chinese companies to be well-versed in international regulations before exporting any product.

Continuing their engagement, the SPEAC team, along with representatives from Amazon, held a productive meeting with CQC Intime Testing Technology Co., Ltd (CQC-IT) in Suzhou on November 24th. The discussions focused on strengthening cooperation and ensuring compliance of Chinese products entering the EU market.

The participation of the SPEAC team in the International Certification Cooperation Development Conference signifies the project’s commitment to fostering international collaboration and promoting product safety standards.