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Introducing SPEAC Packaged Training

Enhance Your EU Product Safety Knowledge!

Is your company manufacturing, exporting, importing or selling products into the EU? Do you want to learn more about the standards and regulations your products should follow?

The SPEAC Packaged Training is a comprehensive program designed to provide reliable information and enhance your knowledge and understanding of product safety rules in the EU.

What is SPEAC Packaged Training?

The SPEAC Packaged Training offers sector-specific training videos covering areas including:

  • toys
  • electrical products
  • children’s articles
  • personal protective equipment
  • e-commerce
  • market surveillance

The educational videos provide valuable insights and information to support your learning journey on EU product safety and consumer protection rules.

You also have the opportunity to test your knowledge: take the quiz, and receive a certificate to showcase your achievement!

Features and Benefits

  • Expert Knowledge: Our training content is developed and delivered by EU product safety experts, ensuring you receive reliable information from trusted sources.
  • Certification Opportunity: By passing the quiz for each sector, you will have the opportunity to earn a sector-specific SPEAC certification, acknowledging your commitment to product safety.
  • Flexibility: Access the training videos at your convenience, allowing you to learn at your own pace and revisit the content whenever necessary.
  • Free of Charge: All the training content is available for you to access free of charge, making it even easier for you to enhance your product safety knowledge.

Get Started Now

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SPEAC is an initiative funded by the European Union. Launched in 2019, it aims at protecting consumers by raising stakeholders’ awareness on the EU´s product safety rules for non-food consumer products. The project provides information to manufacturers, retailers, importers, exporters, distributors, online operators, product buyers and other actors in the supply chain on the EU’s product safety requirements.