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SPEAC Finder, the Professional Search Engine for EU Product Safety Rules, is online!

The SPEAC Finder, one of the most important products of SPEAC project, has been set online.

The SPEAC Finder is a valuable web-based resource as it brings together official information on product safety legislation, standards, and guidelines in a user-friendly manner. Users can easily find information on key product categories including toys, childcare products, electrical products, amongst others. Information is also available on key processes that need to be followed to ensure products are kept safe. The SPEAC finder summarises information, which is also searchable on the internet, and links are provided where further detail is required. Manufacturers can be reassured that by following the information contained in the SPEAC Finder, they will keep consumers safe and comply with the single market rules of the EU.

The SPEAC Finder is available both in English and Chinese. More information, please visit the SPEAC Finder: or follow the SPEAC WeChat Account.