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SPEAC Experts Introduce EU’s Lighting Chains Safety Rules in Taizhou Training

On November 9th, SPEAC, in partnership with the Zhejiang Institute of Standardisation and the Taizhou Institute of Standardisation, organized a successful training session in Taizhou. The training focused on the EU General Product Safety Law and Lighting Chains Safety. Additionally, the training was live-streamed through the Xinhua network, attracting over 180,000 viewers in the afternoon.

During the training, Kaiming LIU, a Key Expert at SPEAC, delivered a presentation on the “Key Elements of General Product Safety Regulation (GPSR).” This session provided participants with an overview of the regulations and key principles to follow.

Following that, Robert Huigen, a Key Product Safety Expert at SPEAC, presented comprehensive information on “Making safe lighting chains for the EU market.”

The presentation covered important aspects that players in the industry should be aware of when exporting to the EU, including product safety rules, the top three risks associated with lighting chains, and guidelines for producing compliant lighting chains. Robert also addressed post-market product safety monitoring activities and answered participants’ questions.

As the Christmas holiday approaches in Europe and Chinese lighting chain companies gear up for a busy season, this training session serves as a valuable reminder of the crucial compliance rules they need to follow during the preparation process. By underlining the significance of compliance, the training equips companies with the necessary knowledge to meet regulatory requirements and deliver safe and compliant products to the European market.
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