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SPEAC’s Recent Webinar Enhances Chinese Companies’ Understanding of EU Electronic Product Regulations

On November 2nd, SPEAC and EMTEK collaborated to host a highly successful webinar focused on Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Batteries’ Safety. The event garnered a viewership of nearly 1,200 participants.

The webinar primarily targeted manufacturers, exporters, and e-commerce operators in southern China involved in the production of electronics, household appliances, and batteries. It aimed to inform those companies about EU regulations on electronic products, reducing the export of unsafe products and ensuring consumer protection.

During the webinar, Yun DENG, Senior Product Safety Expert at SPEAC, delivered an informative presentation on EMC compliance requirements and mitigation strategies for products exported to Europe. The session covered crucial topics such as radiation hazards in electric and electronic products, EU EMC Directives, standards systems, compliance procedures, and general instructions to ensure EMC safety.

EU Electronic Product Regulations 1
EU Electronic Product Regulations 2

Furthermore, Robert Huigen, Key Product Safety Expert at SPEAC, provided insights into the EU’s newly introduced battery regulation (EU) 2023/1542. He discussed the key differences between the old and new legislation, guidance on identifying appropriate standards, conformity assessment procedures, and practical tips for complying with the requirements.

The webinar also featured the presence of Gianluca Ghiara, Team Leader, and Kaiming LIU, Key Expert, from SPEAC, who introduced the project to the audience.