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Webinar on EU Requirements on E-commerce and Product Safety Successfully Held

On November 15th, SPEAC, in collaboration with the Shenzhen Institute of Standards and Technology and Shenzhen E-Business Better Service, organised a successful webinar on EU Requirements on E-commerce and Product Safety, attracting over 800 viewers online.

The webinar aimed to equip Chinese companies engaged in cross-border e-commerce with the latest information on the EU’s requirements for e-commerce and product safety. By highlighting these regulations, the organisers emphasized the importance of following the rules.

During the webinar, Mr Torben Rahbek, the Senior Product Safety Expert at SPEAC, delivered a presentation on “EU Requirements on E-commerce and Product Safety.” He delved into the background of e-commerce development within the EU, shedding light on the pertinent legislation concerning product safety and consumer protection. Drawing attention to the instances of unsafe products sold online, he offered advice for merchants on how to comply with the rules. Torben also highlighted post-market product safety monitoring activities as an essential aspect of regulatory compliance.

Mr Yong YANG, Director of Public Affairs at Shenzhen E-Business Better Service, provided attendees with an overview of the broader landscape of cross-border e-commerce. He discussed emerging trends in this sector. Yong emphasized the significance of compliance in facilitating sustainable business practices and maintaining competitiveness.

The webinar also featured the presence of Gianluca Ghiara, Team Leader, and Kaiming LIU, Key Expert, from SPEAC, who introduced the project to the audience.

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