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Module H – Consequences of serious product safety failures

How unsafe products negatively affect businesses and reputation?

Once an unsafe product is identified, institutional steps are taken to withdraw the product from the market. Products are recalled or even banned. This module discusses the potential consequences of bringing unsafe products to the EU market.


The objective of this module is raising awareness that unsafe products not only can harm consumers but can have negative effects on a business, a whole sector’s reputation and an entire export nation.

Learning outcomes

Through attending this module, participants will understand that corporate responsibility is more than increasing the profit margin:

  • Measures taken by authorities both in the EU and China to follow up identified dangerous products supplied to the market, and what is the scope of consequences
  • Potential economic implications for a business of selling dangerous products in the EU market.
  • Liabilities and sanctions for having supplied dangerous products to consumers with harmful effects.
  • How EU consumers and the public react to dangerous products and the implications on the reputation of products made in China
  • How to use Safety Gate/RAPEX information in a positive way to improve product safety.
  • Instilling a safety culture as part of the business culture.

Tags, sub-topics, combination with other modules

Understanding recurring problems with product safety and explaining the added value of Safety Gate/RAPEX for industry, authorities as well as consumers. What needs to be done differently? Other sources of feedback and data. Product incident investigation. Consumer reactions. Public reactions. Novel policies. Fines and other sanctions.

  • This module can be used stand-alone or in combination with other modules related to preventing unsafe products in general and/or sector specific.