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Module N – Observations of market surveillance authorities

What authorities experience regarding serious product safety risks?

The SPEAC project intends to invite officers from the European Commission, EU Member States and Chinese authorities of market surveillance and customs to share their observations on unsafe products and what should be improved by the manufacturing, exporting and importing business community. In addition, consumer organisations will be invited.


This module intends to create awareness on the most frequent incidents of non-compliance with the product safety rules and what preventive measures can be taken.

Learning outcomes

Through attending this module, participants will get first-hand insights on the observations of market surveillance and customs and what measures are taken to prevent unsafe, products in cross-border trade:

  • Recurring cases of dangerous products appearing on the market.
  • Examples of identified dangerous products.
  • The role of consumer organisations.
  • How to cooperate with intermediary business membership organisations to increase product safety.
  • Advanced measures in planning to fight against illegal business practices trying to sell counterfeit and dangerous products
  • Upcoming legal reforms both in the EU and China.

Tags, sub-topics, combination with other modules

Market surveillance issues. Recurring cases of unsafe products. New approaches.

  • This module can be used stand-alone or in combination with other modules in a crosscutting way.