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Module O – Training for the trainers

How trainers could use the materials offered by the SPEAC project?

Many business membership organisations (chambers, industry associations) and government agencies have their own training facilities through which the SPEAC training content could be used for further training activities. This will ensure the sustainability of the benefits generated by the SPEAC project.


This module intends to qualify and inform professional industry and institutional trainers to pass on the knowledge and skills provided by the SPEAC in their professional capacity as trainers to more stakeholders and businesses.

Learning outcomes

Through attending this module, trainers will become familiar with the subjects of the SPEAC training programme in order to pass on:

  • All relevant essential information on the EU rules on consumer product safety.
  • Specific requirements of exporting safe products to the EU market.
  • Skills to locate relevant pieces of legislation.
  • Techniques to identify and avoid product safety risks.
  • Practical advice to businesses to conform, comply and ensure product safety.
  • Staying up to date with new developments both in the EU and China.

Tags, sub-topics, combination with other modules

All essentials of the other modules

  • This umbrella module can be used stand-alone or in combination with other modules in a crosscutting way. Trainers are invited to attend all modules of relevance for their clientele.