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Module A – Consumer product safety in the EU

How does it work, what is useful and important to know?

Businesses exporting to the EU market are challenged by the fact that EU consumer product
safety requirements are not contained in a single law but governed by several closely
interrelated components. This complexity arises from the fact that the system is not only about
protecting European consumers from dangerous products, it is also about facilitating the free
movement of goods within the EU single market. In addition, many institutional responsibilities
are not centralised but rest with the authorities of the 27 EU Member States.


The objective of this module is to provide a concise overview of the relationship between laws
and standards, the approach to conformity, the consumer perspective, the key institutions who
are maintaining the overall system and the responsibilities of businesses in the system.

Learning outcomes

Through attending this module, participants will gain a better understanding of:

  • The EU legal framework on product safety in relation to consumer protection and
    product quality and its relevance to Chinese manufacturers.
  • The use of various EU standards related to product safety and their relevance to Chinese
  • The roles and responsibilities of the EU Member States, market surveillance authorities and
    the implications for the exporting businesses.
  • What measures does the Chinese government take to regulate exporters?
  • The mechanisms, how dangerous products in the market are identified.
  • The responsibility of economic operators to ensure product safety

Tags, sub-topics, combination with other modules

Basic principles, legal framework, harmonised standards, general product safety, consumer
protection, market surveillance

This module can be used stand-alone or as an introductory module in combination with
other modules or elements of other modules.

SPEAC finder

Knowledge hub on key product safety requirements, with a smart search engine on internal database (repository of information) and externally such as on the EU legal database and the information about the RAPEX system.

The SPEAC finder is under construction and will be online tentatively in the mid of 2021!

SPEAC E-Learning Platform

Everything you need to know about EU product safety and that you can learn online at your own pace, on your own, in a structured way. Feel free to build your own curriculum and select the modules of interest from the offer, according to your needs. This comes in addition to the direct training formats.

The SPEAC e-learning platform is under construction and will be online tentatively in the second half of 2021!