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The SPEAC Project Enters in Its Second Phase to Promote Product Safety in China

The European Union renews its commitment with the project Safe non-food Consumer Products in the EU and China, SPEAC, to enhance capacity development on EU product safety rules with various training activities and innovative digital solutions.

On November 2022, the Safe non-food Consumer Products in the EU and China, SPEAC Programme started its second phase (SPEAC II), as a continued commitment from the European Union to protect the health and safety of consumers. This initiative will last till November 2025.

Based on the successful experience developed during the first phase of the Project, SPEAC II will continue training Chinese stakeholders, active both in traditional trade and in e-commerce, to acquire better understanding of EU requirements and thus ensure that only safe products are sold to consumers in the EU.

SPEAC II ’s ultimate objective is to increase the protection of EU consumers against unsafe products, through enhancing cooperation between the EU and China as well as raising awareness among Chinese stakeholders on EU product safety and consumer protection requirements.

To do this, the programme is expanding its capacity building activities, proposing to Chinese partners a diversified array of training activities (both online and offline) focusing on multiple sectors of interest.

Moreover, through different innovative IT solutions and user-friendly tools, it allows users to access in one click a comprehensive overview of EU product safety rules and make good use of a self-paced e-learning platform. Both tools are available in English and in Chinese.

The newly established SPEAC II Team, led by Mr. Gianluca Ghiara as appointed Team Leader, is eager to strengthen the cooperation with the many SPEAC Project Partners to improve awareness among manufacturers, retailers, exporters, distributors as well as e-commerce and other operators about EU product safety and consumer protection requirements.

For any inquiry you might have, please contact SPEAC II Team:

For more information, please visit the SPEAC website or follow the SPEAC WeChat Account.