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Module F – Laws, standards and other relevant information

How to find the essential, relevant EU rules for a business?

The challenge for many businesses is navigating the number of sources of information which are available relating to the laws and standards on EU consumer product safety. This information can be found somewhere, and much is in the Chinese language (e.g. in the CNIS museum).


This module will assist to understand what reliable sources of information are available, what is relevant and how it can best be used in an effective and efficient way.

Learning outcomes

Through attending this module, participants will know how to find and apply in a practical way the range of information available for manufacturers seeking to sell safe products in the EU market:

  • Overview of the range of available information sources.
  • Quickly being able to find relevant information.
  • Requirements set out in sector specific pieces of legislation and the relationship with harmonised standards.
  • Applying both ‘horizontal’ and ‘vertical’ requirements to a specific product range.
  • The commercial advantage in systematically researching information at the earliest part of the design and production processes.

Tags, sub-topics, combination with other modules

Sources of information. Applying information in practical terms at the design, production and exporting phases.

  • This module can be used stand-alone or in combination with other modules related to the legal EU requirements of exporting to the EU, including sector specific rules.