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Module D – Dangerous childcare and children clothing products

As a manufacturer, how to produce safe products?

This module is aimed specifically at goods manufacturers in this sector and covers issues which are unique to this sector. The most frequently listed serious risks of these products, according to the Safety Gate/RAPEX statistics are choking, strangulation, cutting and poisoning. These are serious issues since they concern the most vulnerable consumer groups, i.e. babies and children.


The objective of this module is to give hands-on information to manufacturers of childcare articles and children’s clothing products on how to prevent bringing dangerous products to the market.

Learning outcomes

Through attending this module, participants will gain:

  • Increased awareness of how dangerous products could negatively affect lives and health.
  • Understanding what the main/common risks are (examples), and what the (economic and technical) reasons and causes are.
  • Knowledge on how EU product safety requirements relates to profit margins in this sector.
  • The ability to apply best practices of product safety in this product sector
  • Confidence in applying any specific EU requirements which are unique for this sector and ensure the consistent supply of compliant products into the EU market.
  • The ability to recognise horizontal matters relevant in this sector.

Tags, sub-topics, combination with other modules

General product safety. What is ‘safe’ and how is this to be judged? Safety assessment. Use of standards. Technical documentation, instructions, markings and warnings. Common reasons for non-conformity in the EU.

  • This module can be used stand-alone or in combination with other modules related to dangerous products and on preventive measures such as risk management or on horizontal requirements.