Module K – Obligations relating to CE marking

When and when not to apply the CE mark? Affixing the CE marking to a product is a declaration by the manufacturer that the product in question has been designed and manufactured to meet the essential safety requirements and creates a presumption that the product is entitled to free circulation within the EU/EEA market. The […]

Module L – Specific Directives, regulations and other requirements

What additional rules might apply? There is no single reference document, piece of legislation or standard that can be consulted which contains all the provisions relevant to the sale of a specific consumer product. Many important requirements may be set out in a variety of provisions. Objective This module intends to help to fully understand […]

Module M – Selling products online to the EU market

What specific issues need to be considered? A key element in relation to protecting consumers from unsafe consumer goods is the growth of e-commerce. Online marketplaces have many benefits for consumers but carry additional risks. The basic rule is that whatever protection consumers enjoy does not change whether products are purchased in a physical shop […]

Module N – Observations of market surveillance authorities

What authorities experience regarding serious product safety risks? The SPEAC project intends to invite officers from the European Commission, EU Member States and Chinese authorities of market surveillance and customs to share their observations on unsafe products and what should be improved by the manufacturing, exporting and importing business community. In addition, consumer organisations will […]

Module O – Training for the trainers

How trainers could use the materials offered by the SPEAC project? Many business membership organisations (chambers, industry associations) and government agencies have their own training facilities through which the SPEAC training content could be used for further training activities. This will ensure the sustainability of the benefits generated by the SPEAC project. Objective This module […]