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Safer baby care articles from China for the EU through SPEAC

Conducted on 25 November 2021, the tenth webinar with China Toys and Juvenile Products Association focused on How to make safe juvenile products for the EU. 262 participants from juvenile product manufacturers, exporters and online merchants who export to the EU, inspection and testing companies, attended.

The webinar was moderated by SPEAC Team Leader, Dr. Gerhard Weihs, instructed technically by SPEAC key expert Mr. John LAWRANCE, the training presentation was delivered by SPEAC senior experts Mrs. Geraldine COSH and Mr. Richard SARGEANT, who also answered the questions from audiences.

The following topics were covered:

  • Case study on Safety Gate examples
  • GPSD and standards
  • Practical steps to take

The product safety is particularly important for babies as the most vulnerable group of consumers. It cannot be ignored that unsafe baby care articles are causing every year deaths and serious injuries. Our training sessions aim to raise the awareness of product safety among manufacturers and sellers, provide essential and practical advice to avoid product safety incidents and that babies will be better protected through our initiative. Safety of products, especially products for babies and children, is also receiving increasing attention in China. Last webinar with this topic was live broadcasted through Xinhuanet and attracted more than 120,000 viewers in China, including professional participants and general public such as consumers.

The recorded webinar can be streamed on the SPEAC website: More information, please visit the SPEAC website or follow the SPEAC WeChat Account.

SPEAC finder

Knowledge hub on key product safety requirements, with a smart search engine on internal database (repository of information) and externally such as on the EU legal database and the information about the RAPEX system.

The SPEAC finder is under construction and will be online tentatively in the first half 2022!

SPEAC Academy

Everything you need to know about EU product safety and that you can learn online at your own pace, on your own, in a structured way. Feel free to build your own curriculum and select the modules of interest from the offer, according to your needs. This comes in addition to the direct training formats.

The SPEAC e-learning platform is under construction and will be online tentatively in the first half of 2022!