EU Product Safety Rules

What problems exist?

Product safety problems mainly exist with toys, child and baby products, and electrical household items.

What does the information tell us?

Chemical poisoning, choking, electric shock and fire are the 5 most noted risks for consumers.

What type of safety issues?

Everyone who takes part in the supply of products has a role to play in ensuring that only safe products are supplied.

What makes a toy DANGEROUS?

There are certain rules that need to be followed when placing a product on the market.


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Safety Gate: Rapid Alert System for dangerous non-food products

The Safety Gate rapid alert system enables quick exchange of information between EU/EEA member states, the UK and the European Commission about dangerous non-food products posing a risk to health and safety of consumers. By checking this website, you can see what safety problems have been caused by others, helping you avoid making the same mistakes.

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how can Safety problems arise?

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News & SPEAC Activities

Here is the latest big news on non-food consumer product safety in EU and China, as well as the conducted and upcoming activities of SPEAC. To understand policy trends and our work, please keep an eye on this part.

SPEAC finder

Knowledge hub on key product safety requirements, with a smart search engine on internal database (repository of information) and externally such as on the EU legal database and the information about the RAPEX system.

The SPEAC finder is under construction and will be online tentatively in the first half 2022!

SPEAC Academy

Everything you need to know about EU product safety and that you can learn online at your own pace, on your own, in a structured way. Feel free to build your own curriculum and select the modules of interest from the offer, according to your needs. This comes in addition to the direct training formats.

The SPEAC e-learning platform is under construction and will be online tentatively in the first half of 2022!